Coach Interview: Daniela Dzuganova. Finding Your Path

Written by Erin Bankersen

Empower Amsterdam coach, Daniela Dzuganova, knows how effective coaching can be first-hand. One of her favorite things about coaching others is that she is able to adapt her coaching technique to match the personality of her client. She says that “coaching is a powerful tool that can help to see things from a different perspective and to understand how many times we think we cannot or that we are not good enough. But suddenly, it’s not true; everything we need, we have it within ourselves”.

Moving to the Netherlands

Originally from Slovakia, Daniela has lived in the Netherlands for five years and previously lived in Germany as well. In Germany, she found it difficult to find a job and wished Empower could have been there to help. Even after moving to the Netherlands, she, like many expats, felt a little stuck in her career. 

At that point, she worked with a coach who helped her figure out a career path: to be a coach herself! What drew her to coaching, she says, is that coaches don’t give you the answers you are looking for. Rather, a coach will help you find the answers you already have within yourself. After a rigorous coaching training, she started working with Empower Amsterdam in September 2019. She loves that she can rely on her own experience moving abroad to help Empower Amsterdam clients. 

Daniela’s coaching style

When working with a client, Daniela tries to create a personal connection. As an empathetic and deep listener, Daniela knows that a personal connection is a great way to build a strong coaching relationship. In addition to coaching clients based on their personality and their connection, she is also working to expand her knowledge and learn more coaching techniques. She thinks that since, as a coach, you are responsible for other people, it is your responsibility to work on yourself as well to be as good a coach as possible.

When she’s not coaching

Outside of coaching, Daniela enjoys being outside. She loves the parks Amsterdam has to offer and enjoys going cycling. She enjoys good food and has adopted three cats! When she needs time away from screens (like many of us may these days) she follows online yoga classes. 

She also enjoys dancing as a way to release energy. When possible, she loves traveling and exploring new places. Her advice to everyone in these times is to stay active and enjoy what you can enjoy. Also, reach out for help if you need it. There are people around you who are happy to help you through the tough times. 

Coaching Empower Amsterdam clients

Daniela truly values working with Empower Amsterdam clients. She thinks they are amazing people with rich personalities and intricate stories of how they have arrived at this point in their lives. 

Her advice to new arrivals in the Netherlands? Come to Empower because we can help! 

Apart from that, she would advise people to think about where they want to work and create a scenario for their future. 

  • Do you want to continue in the same career? Research the same types of companies. 
  • Would you rather switch career paths? Take some time to list out opportunities such as networking events, joining a LinkedIn of MeetUp group. Make and use connections within your field of interest to raise your profile. While it may not get you a job immediately, it will open doors for you that may have previously been closed. 

Daniela is dedicated to helping others find their path and learn more about themselves along the way. Coaching has given Daniela more appreciation for people and how strong we are as human beings. 

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