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At the Empowerment Foundation, we’re liberating the workplace— one career at a time.

With a focus on career coaching and development, our custom services and programs are designed to motivate you to visualize and take control of your career.

Our mission and vision

Jobs do more than provide a paycheck. We spend hours at our workplaces, so finding a career that feels meaningful is important to a lot of people. Unfortunately, being able to afford career coaching and other assistance that can help you do that is not always affordable. 

That’s why we believe that everyone deserves equitable access to resources that can help them find careers that not only pay the bills but also provide connection and purpose.

As a non-profit, our mission is to provide career resources and coaching to prevent poverty and depression due to joblessness or underemployment for underserved & underrepresented groups. We do this by providing workshops, events and coaching sessions to help you get back to work, empowered with the confidence and motivation you need to move forward in your career.

Empowerment Foundation History

Empowerment Foundation is the original brain-child of Shea HartyJane Stephenson, and Flor de Maria Paredes Mattos. They knew what it was like to try and find work while also trying to build a new life in a country where you don’t know the language or customs. The three of them originally started the foundation as a way to scale free coaching for people who were unemployed and had moved to the Netherlands from another country. They intended to just help people feel motivated and confident again, however their services and events also helped people get back to work.

In 2021, Jane stepped down from the board. Today Shea and Flor drive the strategic and creative vision of the Empowerment Foundation. They’re hard at work expanding our reach beyond the Netherlands to help as many people as possible access valuable resources for their careers.

About the Team

We are a multicultural team of highly-qualified career coaches, leadership trainers, and marketing and events specialists passionate about helping people find their purpose. Representing 15+ countries and a host of languages, our international team has the cultural insights and passion to serve our clients from around the world.

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About the Foundation

We are a registered Stichting in the Netherlands, basically what is considered a non-profit in most other countries. Read more about our legal status and find our annual reports here.

Our services

We provide coaching, events, and programs through our Foundation and our partnerships. Find out more on our Services page.