6 Ways to Effectively Pivot your Career in the New Normal

Written by Vadrine Boulle

What if this was finally the time to try something different? 

2020 has been a bit of a poor show, I know I don’t have to remind you. Lost jobs, financial insecurity, and the New Normal which has brought about new workplace definitions and structures that many of us are still getting used to.

But if you’ve ever felt like there was something new that you wanted to try or a business that was at the moment just a stack of ideas in a drawer, could this be the chance to give it a go? 

Could this be the chance to pivot or change your career?

Just as there was an air of hopelessness for a while, there now seems to be a fresh gust of inspiration hitting the world. Small businesses are popping up everywhere and people are taking the opportunity to try the thing that was always on the backburner for ‘one day’. Now seems to be a pivotal (pun intended) moment in which to chart a new course. 

Before we go on, let’s settle on some definitions. 

What does it actually mean to pivot your career?  According to Jenny Blake, to pivot your career is to “doubl[e] down on what is working to make a purposeful shift in a new, related direction.” 

This differs slightly from a career change which could also involve trying something completely unrelated and entirely new. Both instances however, involve taking back control of a new career narrative and adapting. 


Here are 6 Ways to Effectively Pivot or Change your Career in the New Normal:


Analyse your career strengths and weaknesses and define your new narrative

Whether you’ve been working for 3 or 30 years, make a list of what has worked in your experience, what you’ve thrived at and what you’ve enjoyed and a separate list of what you’re not good at, what hasn’t worked and what you would never want to do again. 

This practice will allow you to understand the values you hold and the ones you want to embody going forward. Putting pen to paper and writing a new definition for your career will allow you to take the actionable steps to get there. 

This is the time to set boundaries for your future in business and to hone in on the strengths that make you a great employee. 


Update your career materials

This is as good a time as ever to update your CV or cover letter and to customise it for the new roles you want to seek. 


Invest in your new path

Of course with the uncertain future and unemployment, budgets are tight.

However, in order to get yourself back in the game, you will have to invest in your career change. Whether that’s by investing in mentorship or coaching, a new educational online course, buying materials for your new home-based small business, creating a website etc. 

Settle on a budget, be realistic and then allow yourself to spend what you can on a new beginning. 


Use the power of social media

Maybe you’re not tech savvy, or maybe you enjoy a casual post on the old Facebook feed, but the power of social media to pivot your career is undeniable. And it’s not ‘just for young people!’ 

  • Leverage your social media network to support your new venture (reach out to friends, family, old colleagues) 
  • Use LinkedIn to find new job opportunities and promote your services
  • Showcase your work on thriving apps like Pinterest and Tiktok 

A new community of employers and customers are quite literally a tap away. Join in on some of our upcoming events to find out more about how to nurture relationships with your community. 


Take small imperfect steps with realistic expectations

Understand that it will take some time to start up again. It's important to remember that just as it took however many years to get to where you once were, it will take time to get to where you want to be. 

Take small steps every day, and trust your instincts to know where to take you. Use the seemingly inconsequential opportunities that arise because you never know what hidden chances this New Normal could lay at your feet. 

Are you going to seize this chance for a career change? Do you need help in getting there? If you’re currently unemployed and looking for support on your career pivoting journey, you’re eligible for our free 1:1 coaching. Click here for more information.