Free career coaching for unemployed immigrants

What are the benefits of coaching?

Job hunting can be a lonely process, which is why having a coach to share your questions with and to gain insight from is so helpful. It can help set you back on the right track and regain focus.


Our career coaches can help you:

  • Determine a clearer profile of the type of job you’re looking for
  • Learn to communicate to employers who you are
  • Define a clear objective for your job search
  • Discover solutions to challenges you have been experiencing
  • Build motivation and confidence

We’ve seen firsthand how coaching helps people get back into employment.

Take your job hunt to the next level and join the 1000+ people who have benefited from the work we do.

Who is eligible for our free coaching?

If you are an unemployed immigrant living in the Netherlands, an experienced coach from our international team of volunteers will donate sessions to help you get back to work in your new home country.

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How does it work?

  1. Sign-up: Complete our quick sign-up form to let us know what you’re looking for. **You must be an unemployed immigrant with a valid working visa in the Netherlands to be eligible for our free coaching.** Currently employed? Click the button above.
  2. Get matched: Based on your form and our coaches’ backgrounds, we’ll match you with the coach we think can best help you. Check your inbox for an email connecting you and your coach!
  3. Intake session: Your coach will reach out to schedule a first call (via phone or Zoom). They'll explain how the sessions are going to work and you'll get to decide if you’re a good fit for one another. If not, no worries and no hard feelings, you can simply end the current sessions and start again with a different coach.
  4. Start your sessions: After the intake session, you'll start getting the support you need to reach your career goals.
  5. Completion: When your sessions have been completed with your coach, we’ll send you a completion survey for your feedback. This helps us improve our services and record our impact to show our donors and sponsors.

    Is it really free?
    Our coaching is entirely free. However, we ask for a one-time registration fee of €25 to maintain and grow our systems and operations.

Are you ready to get the coaching support you really need right now?

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The coaching sessions were great and covered a wide range of topics. The coach offered me great insights that helped me rethink my priorities, my emotions, and my expectations regarding my career, while at the same time offering practical advice on how to write my CV and cover letters. It was what I needed in order to get my first job in the Netherlands (which I did!).
"...In less than 3 months, I was able to secure a job opportunity!"
"My experience could have not been better. I was assigned a coach who made me understand myself and develop my understanding of who I am and what I want personally and professionally. By that I was able to trace a new trajectory of my life. I will forever be thankful for the honesty, the trust and just the way [my coach] was able to make me believe in myself."
"Empowerment's services were very helpful for me. As a foreigner, in The Netherlands, I did not know what to expect during the job search and even how to start. After a few sessions, I feel much more confident!"
"I am really impressed with the caring professionalism and services offered by Empowerment. I feel very grateful to have been welcomed into their network during a very difficult process of trying to enter the Dutch job field, and I benefited a lot from one-on-one coaching that helped me focus and make a path to achieve my goals."

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