Who am I and what do I bring to the world?

Written by Niina Nuottamo

What if I’m not sure anymore? What if—after multiple job applications, numerous interviews, several rejection letters and many months of searching for a job—I feel lost?

Let us help you get a little less lost.

First welcome a new person into your life: your authentic self. Your authentic self is strong and unique (yes, really!). Learn to listen to its advice and let yourself be guided by your intuition. Maybe it’s asking for a little self-care after so many job applications. Then allow yourself that tub of ice-cream, dancing on the table or dinner with your best friend. Listen carefully and do the things that make you feel good, confident and worthy. Because you really are worth it.

Once you’ve found your Authentic Self, it’s time to start sharing that passion, drive and value with the world. Can you summarize in one (short) sentence what makes YOU so special, different to anyone else on this planet? Think about what you believe in, what you can offer the world (or maybe just specific customers/clients) and why your experience/background is particularly valuable. This is your professional pitch.

Then spread that message far and wide: like dandelion parachutes floating on a soft summer breeze. Be everywhere and talk to everyone, online and in person. Tell them what makes you the authority on the topic. Establish your credibility until they believe you really are the go-to person on the camouflage patterns of the African giant toad (or whatever else it might be).

And, because actions speak louder than words, remember to show them how good you are at what you do. Gather your evidence and keep it safe. It’ll be there waiting for you on those days you feel like you are losing faith. And it’ll be there ready to impress potential new customers/clients/employers.

So that’s how you build your personal brand. This personal brand is unique to you: your beliefs, strengths, authenticity and value. It will help you come across strong and confident during job interviews. And might help you land that job.