Empowerment Services

Power Your Team

In-house workshops designed to create healthy and inclusive team dynamics.

A company’s success starts and ends with the strength of its teams. Our workshops create environments that foster synergy, breed innovation and establish a team rapport that is rooted in shared values, collaboration and commitment. Power Your Team is about transforming diverse teams into a unified, well-oiled machine.

Program topics include:

  • Value sharing: connecting personal values to organizational values
  • Creating win-win situations: setting, aligning and achieving success collectively
  • Conflict resolution: how to work together in disagreement
  • Intercultural communication: how to share information and feedback while navigating intercultural work relationships; uncovering blind spots and unconscious biases
  • Seeing the “Big Picture”: demonstrating how team members’ roles and responsibilities are interconnected
  • Fast-tracking sales: coaching and motivation for sales teams to reach their targets