Empowerment Services

Power Your Career

One-on-one career coaching to develop talent and accelerate careers.

Everyone has the potential for growth in their career. We offer personalized learning and development plans for employees who are ready to climb the company ladder, own their role within the organization or pivot into a new one. Our coaching sessions guide and inspire individuals to chart a path toward true career fulfilment.

Program topics include:

  • Confidence building: developing professional poise and learning how to communicate assertively
  • Goal setting: aligning your goals with overall business objectives and developing the self-motivation needed to achieve them
  • Networking skills: learning how to make valuable connections and grow relationships
  • Company politics: how to navigate common challenges and dynamics in the workplace
  • Raising your profile: becoming a thought leader within your company or industry
  • Career transition: learning how, when and why to switch or pivot in your career
  • Transition to entrepreneurship: bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to your current role
  • Performance management: developing effective processes for managing tasks and responsibilities
  • Work-life balance: applying mindfulness to avoid the overwhelm