About Empowerment

Smart companies understand the importance of investing in the growth and development of their employees. Employees aren’t just workers; they’re the ambassadors who will adopt company culture, embody the company vision and share its mission across their networks. Prioritizing them as such has become best practice. The more a company supports its people, the healthier its business will be.

At Empowerment.work, we’re liberating the workplace— one career at a time. We’re a career design firm democratizing the field of professional and leadership development by empowering organizations to invest in growing, retaining and promoting incredible talent from the bottom up.

With a focus on career coachingteam building and leadership development, our custom programs are designed to motivate employees to visualize and take control of their career, while arming Netherlands-based organizations with the tools to shift company culture and transform the workplace.

Empowerment History

Empowerment.work is the commercial arm of Empower Amsterdam, a non-profit foundation that provides guidance and support to international professionals facing challenges entering the Dutch job market. The foundation’s mission is to provide free workshops, events and coaching sessions to help unemployed internationals and migrants get back to work, empowered with the confidence and motivation they need to move forward in their career.

As an extension of this mission, Empowerment.work was established to offer our strategic talent development service to the business world. Our goal is to make our programs accessible to small and mid-sized purpose-driven organizations that want to create an inclusive company culture where employees can thrive. These companies all play a role in driving change in the community: 15% of revenue from Empowerment.work is donated to Empower Amsterdam to sustain the foundation’s work.

About the Team

Empowerment.work is the brain-child of Shea HartyLubna Dajani, and Flor de Maria Paredes Mattos, co-founders of Empower Amsterdam. These women drive the strategic and creative vision of the Empower network.

We are a multicultural team of highly-qualified leadership trainers, career coaches and company culture specialists passionate about helping people find their purpose. Representing 15+ countries and a host of languages, our international team has a cultural insight that resonates across the global marketplace.